sponsored: Under Armour What's beautiful and a new workout schedule

I completed 3 of my 3 challenges for Under Armour #whatsbeautiful campaign
see Challenge #1
see Challenge #2
see Challenge #3

so onto the next challenge I go.....
My challenge, to lift weights, HARD, 4 days a week

I have already been lifting for a week and loving getting back into strength training and I can't wait to see how this month goes. 
Should I post my weight lifting program of each day?
No week will be the same, I like to keep the body guessing

I made it to bootcamp this morning for a great workout...lots of AMRAP's and some sprinting...always a great time with that combo

It's another night of Tuesday night baseball for Bubba!

Random thoughts from last night:

-I decided to do some landscaping at about 9p.m. last night, I was a sweaty mess by the time I got done

-I dreamt about a crazy, like psycho, clown all night.  I had to physically tell myself to wake up at 3 different times to end the dream, it was that upsetting.  Analyze that!

I do not have any races scheduled until the 4th of July...do you?


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