I am linking up with PeasandCrayons for her What I Ate Wednesday posts.  My meals aren't much for exciting but I thought I would give it a go...
from left to right: an odd but delicious combo..Van's  whole wheat waffles(addicted to them) with a tbsp of almond butter in between and then doused with one egg, overnight oats with steel cut oatmeal, morning snack of apple topped with almond butter smashed in granola, Broccoli and White Bean Macaroni, snack for the ride home(trader joes trail mix from Foodie Pen Pal, love it) seaweed crisps(again from foodie pen pal)

So not much too exciting but they were all very delicious...

Thanks for stopping by and have a GREAT DAY!


  1. i never thought of combining almond butter and an egg. but i like the idea! happy WIAW!

    1. I know, I kind of happened on it by accident but now it is one of my favorites! THanks for stopping by the blog!

  2. Looks amazing! Especially the macaroni. I might just have to borrow that idea from you!


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