Reasons why

The weather is warming up around here, and I am taking full advantage of it.  I was able to run into my volleyball game last night, and I was able to get a lunchtime run in or as I like to call it #runch..
And we took full advantage of the nice weather after supper too...

Reasons why I am so looking forward to Friday:

1. KYLE IS COMING HOME...he has been in Seattle all week and we are so excited to see him...
2. We get to go out with friends tomorrow night to celebrate a birthday...
3. My cousins and other sister are coming because we decided to form a family volleyball team and are competing in a tournament on Saturday....stay tuned for that
4. KYLE IS COMING HOME...did I say that already?
5. I am getting my hair redid....if you recall in this post, I was not happy with my color job..and I called them back and they are redoing it 

Any big plans for your weekend?


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