The blame game....

Ever have those weeks, days, where you find yourself scrambling to get things done...that is me and it is only Monday...blerg....

I blame the scatterbrained on "not enough hours in the day" I push things, that need to be done, aside so I can cook supper, play with the kids, bathe the kids, spend some quality time with the hubby
..which then leads me to forget about the "things" is a vicious cycle

I blame Reebok and their 25% off for Trainers/Instructors for my recent expenditures for the family, and the dents to the pocketbook.  If you see some stuff you like, all my favorites are located at MY REEBOK SITE.

 I blame FitFluential and Saucony for providing these great shoes to my husband...because he absolutely loves running in them and now thinks he can beat me
...I told him they aren't magic shoes..... and that is how the fight started:)

 ( he won't admit this but he enjoyed taking his picture for my blog and instagram photos)

And lastly, I blame Oreo for making these...I am forewarning you, do not try them, do not look at them, just run the other way, because you will eat the whole bag..

I am coaching Bubba's soccer team and tonight is our first practice. I am thinking it is going to be cancelled since it is still freaking freezing here in Iowa.


Do you coach anything?  I know nothing about soccer, so this will be my last year of coaching it.  At this stage they are just running around like "chickens with their heads cut off", but eventually they will have to learn the rules...and I am not the one to provide that. 


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