Where's the customer service????

Oh yesterday....
You were a rollercoaster...of highs and lows....

The day started out super fantastic, things were going great, life was good....

Appointments to get a HD upgrade on our dish were set, confirmed by phone 12 oclock appt. 
Arrangements were made for people to be there since Kyle and I both work outside of the home.

Then I get the text from my people..it is 1:15 and we have no show at the house....crap...

I ask someone to do something for me saying it won't take long...and they arrange their schedules to help me out, you kind of really need things to go smoothly

The setting: My office at work, on my cell phone with the Dish network guys
The mood: getting tense

me: I had an appointment at 12 and no one has showed up
dish 1 : uh your job was taken off my list and given to someone else
me: and no one thought to give me a call and let me know, I had arrangements made, I had people waiting for over an hour
dish 1: uh, uh...I will call the  other guys and see what is going on
me: uh, yeah you will

dish 2 guy:  so I am going to pick up your receivers now and will get their at 2:30
me: no you won't, you will be there at 4 when my husband can be there
dish 2 guy: we can't do that
me: recalling the above mentioned conversation to him, I suggest you call someone and make it happen at 4
dish 2 guy: I will call dispatch
me: thank you

dispatch: got your call and we can't do the 4 oclock time blah blah blah...sitting around, waiting...blah blah
me: (furious by now) recalling the above story about waiting and not getting a phone call  to let me know they weren't coming...yada yada yada
dispatch: I will call service and see what I can do...
me: thank you

Message on my phone( I was in my happy place teaching yoga)
dispatch: we will have someone there at 4.....

And they did....
And the kicker, the guy who did it, was originally the first one who was supposed to be our 12 o'clock appt...

If they had just called and told us they weren't going to be there, then I would of had no problem rescheduling...but alas, where is the CUSTOMER SERVICE....

We got our stuff, we got set up, and all is well....

While the Dish guy and Kyle were working on the satellite I was working on supper

I grilled some steaks and made this avocado dressing for the broccoli....it wasn't the greatest but it wasn't terrible.  B said it was right in the middle, he kind of liked it, but he kind of didn't.

After hopping into bed, I started to read Kyle's magazine...okay, I didn't read it, I looked at the pretty pictures of Adam Levine doing yoga......

5 a.m. Bootcamp rolled around this morning

                                              Breakfast of champions

And now it is off to work....and then after work, we are VOTING YES,  for a new gym for our community...(very much needed)


  1. Getting a dish installed during the time you're given is basically a miracle. We had a similar experience when we got our dish installed.

    1. I know and that is what I expected until they called and said they would be there at 12p.m. Turns out they were just toying with my emotions:)

  2. I have had appointments go like that in the past too. Seems to me that service in general, is just getting worse and it is really frustrating to those of us who DO what we sign on for and CALL if we can't. Glad it all worked out for you though.

    1. I agree. And that is what I so kindly mentioned to the dispatch lady that a courtesy call would of been nice. Thanks for stopping by

  3. Ahhh, bad customer service can be so frustrating! I can't believe they just admitted to giving your service window to someone else!

    1. Yes it can especially when people are willing to help you out and take time out of there day! I couldn't believe that they told me that too...they were just setting themselves up. Thanks for stopping by!


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