Rock Tape and Roll

The roll part has nothing to do with the Rock Tape but it just kind of rolled off my tongue so I went with it...

I was given the opportunity from Morgan at Smack Media to try out RockTape

What is Rocktape?

RockTape is a special kind of tape known as kinesiology tape. RockTape is effective for the treatment of a wide variety of problems, not just sports injuries.

What is Rocktape used for?

• Achilles tendonitis
• Plantar fasciitis
• Jumpers knee (PFS)
• ACL/MCL issues
• Rotator cuff
• Groin and hamstring pulls
• Lower back issues
• Shin splints
• Tennis and golf elbow
• Pain associated with pregnancy
• Postural correction

I began researching these types of products while watching the Olympics where I saw quite a few athletes wearing tape on them...Kerri Walsh, Serena Williams, etc.

And what I have gathered is that this tape kind of creates another skin layer, therefore when you move the tape pulls on your other skin, increasing blood flow to the area, therefore speeding up the recovery of the injured area.

When RockTape showed up on my door, I was battling a lower back issue, twisted it wrong during an ab workout, and I was stoked to get to try it and see if it worked. 

RockTape came with usage instructions and where to place each peice. So I taped, with my husbands help, and there they stayed for the recommended 5 days, it stuck through showers, sweaty bootcamp classes, sweaty treadmill workouts..and when it came time to take them off, they were still stuck!

Question on everyone's mind...Do they work?

1. I can honestly say I felt some warming in the lower back area while wearing this.  I want to think it is from the increased circulation

2. I did also feel like my back had more stability, and my injured muscles were protected when I wore this. I could still go through my workouts and have full range of motion

3. It has a nice soft feel to it...I hardly noticed I was wearing it

4.  I used it for my injured back, but it can also be used used to increase endurance and reduce fatigue, as well as increasing blood flow. (will be using while training for my half marathon)

5. I wore them for them for two stints = 10 days and my back pain seemed to subside quite fast

So in my review I think there is something to these things.  I am going to give it a whirl while training for my half marathon and see if I notice a difference.

Hope you enjoyed my review.

I was not compensated for this review.  All opinions are my own, I was given product for free to try and review.


  1. Very interesting! I haven't ever taped before, but it definitely looks like it's worth looking into. My husband has had a neck injury for the past couple of weeks (he pulled it, and keeps re-injuring it before it can heal) so this might be the best solution for him! We'll have to give it a whirl!

    1. Yeah, I agree, always easy to try something and just give it a whirl. Hopefully it goes well! Thanks for stopping by the blog!


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