Proud mom

There were no tears by mom........

But my smile sure stretched from ear to ear.........

I was so proud of B, watching him sing last night.  He was having so much fun!

And the program was very cute....

A little snippet for you to enjoy!

 We went out for supper with family afterwards, enjoyed some great conversation, and good food!

5 a.m. came bright and early for Bootcamp

                                        and some #inversionarmy #day5

Out of eggs again, need to restock my giant Egg Whites jug
4 PINTS - Discontinued

Cereal fun was to be had this morning...
add some blueberries and that was my breakfast
Almond Milk

Stomach was grumbling so I munched on half of this bar(which was really good) and an apple for a snack

Wednesday nights are volleyball nights, so luckily I have some chicken marinating in the fridge that I will be able to cook up quick when I get home with the boys!

Have a great day!


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