Never let your son pick your treadmill workout...

B saw I was putting together a treadmill workout.  I had single digit numbers on there and he asked if he could pick some numbers for me so I let him add the second number to it.   I thought  was hoping that he would pick low numbers...I thought wrong.  He put me through my paces.  Thanks B.
Yesterday's menu...

I am really no a lean turkey sausage, egg, and roasted broccoli slaw kick...but it is so yummy, and so filling...

 Chicken Salad Salad for lunch
Two of the 3 boys were at football practice so E and I had a "mixture" of things, he had bananas, hashbrowns, and turkey...I had a turkey salad, and I did not snap a picture.  

Vacation countdown...2 days...can't wait. Have you gone on vacation this year?


  1. hahaha! that is awesome they helped out! wish they would've picked lower numbers for you but guess you just got a better workout! (:


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