"Garage" WOD in honor of the athletes of Crossfit Games

Did any of you see the Reebok Crossfit Games.....one word sums it up PHENOMENAL...INSPIRING...DOMINATING...okay, that is 3 words but I was amazed while watching...the power, strength, and endurance of these competitors was humbling....made me love my crossfit workouts even more....with that being said, I put together my own WOD in honor of the athletes...mine pales in comparison to what they went through, but my butt was is still sore from it....I think that means it was a pretty good!

 If you watched, who were you rooting for.  I was cheering for Julie Foucher...every year she is so close to winning and this year, she just came up short again.  But, Thorisdottir is a force to be reckoned with!


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