A speeding Weekend Recap

We,my sister, myself and B and E, ventured to my parent's house this weekend..about a two hour drive...to visit and we had a great time, even though it didn't start all that well...a timeline, for your reading pleasure....

5p.m. We depart..all goes swimmingly until we are 1 mile away from our destination....and bam...got caught going 65 in a 55...in my defense my youngest had had enough of sitting in his seat and was crying and I was not paying attention to my speed and we were going down a hill......wondering if they would accept that in court...guess I will just pay the 110 dollar fine...ugghh...nothing better than hearing your husband say "why can't you just go the speed limit" whatever!  Something you should know about me...I know when I have done something stupid, if you keep telling me it was stupid, I will get more and more angry....we will leave it at that....

Things went just perfectly after above mentioned scenario...

Got a great run in on Saturday morning, early, before the kids wake up, when the air is crisp, but the red winged blackbirds are up and they dive-bomb your head so therefore your time is great because you sprint away from them... ahhh....I love running...really I do
Our Saturday morning breakfasts....always, always on our schedule

 Grandpa and Grandma bought kites...and the wind was whipping but the kids still wanted to fly those kites

Grandpa and Eli flying kites---------------->

My niece Miss Jenzen and I....she was my best friend this weekend...not gonna lie, I slipped her some fruit snacks when her mom wasn't looking, might of been a persuading factor...

What weekend would be complete without a trip to the farm.....I love this place...this is my home away from home, and where we all spent the majority of our young lives...Sundays were softball,soccer games..adults versus kids, it's where I went on weeknights to ride horses with my aunt, and where I would go and watch my grandpa work in his shed while listening to music he said he and my grandma would dance to every Saturday night, and every family holiday is spent here...

 B has a new favorite horse.....Storm
My Aunt Deb with Big E

So there is my weekend in pictures?  Another great family weekend in the books.  Hope yours was just a fun filled.  What did you do? Are you close to your family? 


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