WIAW-Go Green

I am all about the theme of the month for WIAW over at PeasandCrayons. I love all things green, especially spinach and Kale.  Eating clean is a HUGE proponent of whole foods, so any green fruit or vegetable is a staple in our fridge.  So without further delay................

my breakfast staple..oatmeal,almond butter,flax seed, chia seeds,protein powder......no butter chicken, I love me some Kombucha in Guava Goddess, Moroccan Meatballs(recipe being posted after this gets done), Goose Valley Wile Rice Fusion (soooo good), my pre-dinner snack

so looking at these pictures, I did not take pictures of all the green things I ate...I eat salads pretty much every lunch and did not take one picture...(writing mental note in head, saved...)


  1. Delicious eats!! Very well-rounded and I believe you! I bet you eat lots of greens! that Larabar is my fav!


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