Playground Obstacle Workout

As most of you know, we got to go "home" this weekend to visit my sister,neices and parents, and the rest of the family.  I was raised in such a loving family, that being away from them on a daily basis is when it is visit time, I am stoked.  This weekend just flew by and we try to cram in as many things as possible...the weather cooperated and was beautiful.  The hubs and I managed to get in a 5 mile run on Saturday morning, and then while the sisters, I, and the kids were playing at the park, I kept envisioning "exercises"(is that pathetic) for the hubs and I to do the next morning.(We only got a couple of strange glances from people passing by:))  I am going to be doing a mish- mosh of pictures because once again the camera didn't save the pictures I took of doing each was my fault, I reinstalled a new app and forgot to auto save....(taking foot and kicking myself in the rear)

The workout: 1 min. each exercise with 10 second rest, 3x
Pull ups on white climber
Burpees into push ups on red pods
Dips on triangle platform
Hill Runs
Pole climb
Balance abs on wave board
Leg raises on white bars
Red triangle platform jump ups

The pole climbs were killer, and I have the inner thigh bruises to prove it.   We are both training for the Warrior Dash(me), and the Tough Mudder(the hubs) so mixing it up using different apparatuses was challenging and fun for us!

P.S. This is all new playground equipment, since the tornado wiped out our half of town in 2008, and it is awesome! Wish we had it when I was in elementary school!


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