Birthdayageddon 2012

Having two boys whose birthdays are 11 days apart makes for a very hectic month, it was not planned this way but I guess that is how god works.  So I am using this as a reason why my posts have been so sporadic all week.  We had family over on each birthday with cake and their choice of what to eat.  Of course the one year old couldn't pick so we picked pizza for him:)  Our, now 5 year old, also chose pizza...I love pizza so that didn't bother me.  Then we had a big family party to celebrate both together since my family lives about 2 hours away, they all carpool, and we had a "rootin tootin" good time....commence pictures....

The cake after my son and neice added their decorations

 Birthday morning......a jungle of balloons

 Birthday day night party with cousins....yep, you see that right, no girls...none whatsoever....and this baby making train is done so I guess boys it is...

My 5 year old birthday cowboy
 (he wanted a cowboy theme)

Miss Sassy and Cowboy

The whole "gang"

We also got to attend a birthday party for Bryson's "arranged marriage" friend(they were born a week apart and have grown up together so it is only natural)
The birthday party was at a gymnastics facility and it was free game on the trampolines, giant box of foam squares and anything else you could imagine.  It took all I had not to push the kids out of the way so I could play...don't judge, it is who I am:)

My baby...does that smile not melt your heart


Yeah, that hottie and that cutie belong to lucky
Of course I had to try it and I have the trampoline burns on my elbow to prove it

That is it in a itty bitty nutshell...


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