Last post....October!

So I see that my last post on this blog was on October 20th, I think it is ridiculous that I haven't posted since then.  But then I think, well, I am trying to play with my children, spend time with them and not on the computer or with a camera in my hand so I have an excuse...I am using it and you are going to have to live with it....
So, without furthur delay, here is what has been going on since my last update..........
Family Picture Photo shoot......(excuse the random placement, blogger is so not my friend right now)

These two:
Love wrestling with each other
 Enjoy watching Christmas movies with their mom
Bryson could farm all day long with his dad
 Eli is 10 months, has 4 teeth, is walking a few steps at a time, and I melt everytime he smiles
They are both growing way too fast for my liking, and I tell Bryson that, but he tells me that he has to grow up, but that he will still be my kid(when did he get so smart)

I loved this picture of Bryson looking up at the tree....

    We also got a new addition to our family this Artie the Elf, Santa's helper...he has been watching over Bryson and Eli and reports to Santa at night.  So far, Artie has had it pretty easy and Santa should have a pretty good report this year!
 I will post my Christmas Decorations of the house tomorrow when I take pictures tonight.  I will also update this more frequently, as I am not so much the scrapbooker, baby booker type, this has to be it...

Well, there will be more to post, but just thought I should give a quick update while I had time.
P.S. So excited to go home to my parent's for Christmas...
P.S.S. So so excited for Kyle and I's shopping day this Friday.  Mostly, due to the fact, that we get a "lunch date" where we can actually taste our food and talk to each other!


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