Sports, Valentines, and a Circuit Workout!

Hey there all! Hope this finds you all well.  The weather here in Iowa is dreary, soggy, and muddy...not your typical January scenario but as long as the snow stays away I will take it.  Life lately has been screaming by with basketball, wrestling, practices, volleyball for mom, volleyball for dad....but we are taking it all in stride and loving every minute.

Saturday, Coach Mom and Bubba had another basketball tournament.  The boys played hard and we got 4th place.  All the games we lost were by 4 or less points.  Our defense really improved this weekend and it is fun to see them keep improving each game.

 Sunday was spent in the gym with Bubba and BigE wrestling.  Big E was a monster and did awesome at his first meet.  I bought them new head gear and I think he has worn it ever since:)  Bubba did great too, the individuality of wrestling is a hard thing for him...he is learning alot and does well but I am not sure if wrestling will be his thing(this basketball mom does not mind at all....all jokes aside, we just want him to have fun and enjoy sports and whatever he decides to work hard at it)

Posted another workout or two on my facebook group page...

I am loving the Beautycounter Valentine's Day Duo and the response it is getting.  This lip gloss is my absolute favorite. Moisturizing, shine, and such a great color.  They are selling out pretty quick so grab one here before they are gone.  

 The boys and I watching our Hawekeyes play some basketball, we were sending the free throw shooter "miss vibes" during his shots...
 We have been on a SORRY kick these past couple of weeks.  I finally won for the first time the other night.  I get all my guys right where I want them and then can't get the cards I need......
That about covers it for right now. Stink Eye sister #1 is getting a lot of snow in our hometown right now and I don't think they are having school today.  At the rate they are going, she is going to be in school until June....HA!

What is your favorite board game?


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