Highs and Lows

Welcome first real post of 2017.  I follow some bloggers who do High Low points of their weekend and I thought I would do the same...


Our 4th Grade AAU basketball team won their tournament on Saturday....it was not easy and after the first game I thought it was going to be a long day but these boys battled back and won the trophy. Their faces after that buzzer went off were priceless and I am so happy for them.

 Family made the trip to watch
Coach Mom and Bubba...this poor kid has to deal with me as his coach for many more years to come.


My beloved Cowboys fell to the Packers...of all the teams, the Packers...I am surrounded by Packer fans and to have to hear about this over and over....ugghhh...I am still in shock they lost..


I have been filming workout videos for my facebook group.  I have been having fun with putting the workouts together.  They are by no means professional videos and there is a lot of heavy breathing but at least they can feel that they are working out with me.

And the last LOW but it is kind of a HIGH too....

We got some ice last night which coated everything and is making travel dicey(low).  School was cancelled and I am not traveling in it and staying home with the boys(high)  If you are out and about please be careful!!!

What were some high points of your weekend???


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