First DIY new Farmhouse Table

I have had the plans for a new Farmhouse Table for a long time.  I knew we wanted to make it so we didn't have to shell out so much money for it.  I figured the hubby and I could get it done.  When looking for plans I wanted basic...nothing fancy schmancy, and sturdy.

I have been a fan of Ana-White designs for quite some time.  She puts together furniture plans that are easy to follow and can be made for half of what they would cost in the store. When we were looking at plans I immediately knew which one I wanted.  This Farmhouse Table from Ana was perfect.

Mind you, I began thinking about this table at least 2 years ago...and kept nagging asking the Fireman politely to help me get started.  I laid it on pretty thick this year telling him "I really wanted the new table since my parents were coming down for Christmas this year"..and apparently it worked.

We had a family fun Sunday to Lowes, and purchased the boards and screws and other supplies we would need..  Since this was a project for us that we did at sporadic times during the day, at night, whenever...there weren't a ton of pictures taken.

Drumroll please.......

Since my previous table was a pub style dining room set, which I got from Target, which I loved and has held up fantastic.  I am using it downstairs in the bar area now.

I needed to find new chairs...and I just so happened to find 8 chairs at a consignment store and had credit for past consignment sales so they cost me little to nothing.   I brought them home, gave them a coat of black paint and LOVE them...

I still wanted a bench though, so I dove through the archives of Ana White again and she didn't disappoint..we used these plans.  I had leftover wood from other projects and the directions were so easy, it was pretty simple to whip up this bench in little time.  I sanded, stained and

drum roll please..........

I use the bench for our large wall near the front door so people can put their shoes on and what not, and I can use it at the table when I want to change things up.  added note:  I cut an angle short and one of my boards was kind of bowed, but you can't tell and for my first real project by myself, I am pumped.  Just keeping it real

I love the table and I love the Fireman for helping me with my crazy ideas.

I am working on a project as we speak and can't wait to share that with you.


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