Goals? Intentions? Determinations

Well, here we are a week into 2016 and I think I have finally set some goals....I absolutely love reading about different goals people are setting for the new year.

For me the New Year comes with a "refreshing" of the mind, body, and soul.

I can't say 2015 was the best year for me...I had a rough ending to 2014 that continued to leave it's mark in 2015. I lost one of the greatest men, my Grandpa, and it has left a huge void in our family that we are still trying to come to grasps with.  Even through the hard times though I continue to be blessed... my family was healthy, we had a great year with vacations, school, farming, and the boys continue to amaze me every day.

So, with the renewed year, the Fireman and I took some time to figure out our goals together and then I had a chance to really think about what I wanted to accomplish this year.  Here is my list of "goals" that I set for myself this year.

1.  Make the Fireman more of a priority. I love my husband, and he is absolutely my best friend and I want to make us more of a priority in 2015. We made a goal for 1 date a month, and every 6 months, he and I will go away for the weekend.  We understand this seems like not much, but with two very active kids and a busy schedule, it is what we feel will work.  I get first pick for the date this month.  I am thinking couples massages.

2. Start my Yoga business.   I want am going to really focus on helping people with my Yoga.  I want to provide 1-1 help either in person or online or in groups.....I want to take my Yoga into the school system for the kids.... I have so many thoughts in my head on what I want to do.... I just have to take one step at a time.

3. Meal Plan consistently.  I do a decent job of meal planning but I want to make it more of a consistent thing this year. I enjoy having  a plan and cooking for my family.  I also want to continue to provide clean, healthy, nutritious meals to fuel those two energetic boys of ours.

4.  BUDGET. I want to pay off our house early.  I am reading Dave Ramsey and am already excited about the challenge of paying off debt....will it be easy, no, will it be fun..no, but it will be worth it.

5. Charity work.  The boys have asked if we could do something so we could donate it to charity.  I have an idea, that will have to wait till this summer, but am looking forward to planning it with the boys.

6.  Healthy Eats, Healthy workouts.  I want to continue on the path of healthy eating, mindful eating, and workouts that suit me.  I am loving my routine right now with Yoga, Strength Training.....and now the addition of running for my last half marathon this summer( doing it with my cousin the week before her wedding)

7.  Rules to follow this year....except for #10, I like control, that could be a tough one!
Have you set any goals.  What is one goal you really want to focus on?


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