How I decorated for Christmas...Part #1 House

One word would describe my decorating style this year, okay, two words...Simple, Rustic...I am very much a Rustic woodsy decorator, but I like to add modern touches here and there also. Purchases made for Christmas this year were the tree..the rest I made from stuff here on the farm or already had just repurposed it.

The tree was kept very simple  this year.  I love a real tree, and this baby is 10 foot tall, long and lean. I used wood "garland", burlap accents, and some little bronze clear ornaments for a "sparkle".

The mantle features a project that was soooo easy and quick to put together. The backdrop features NOEL is giant wood letters with a wreath, that I "redid" for the "O"

To the left when you come through the front door, I utilized a lot of live greenery in the house.  I have some greenery on the front and back porches that needed trim so I just used the excess all over the house and love the rustic touches it brings.

To the right when you come through the door

View from the eating area(daylight pictures aren't good, I am still working with my camera settings..)

 And lastly, above the kitchen cupboards.  I go back and forth on whether or not I want to extend the cupboards all the way up but then I like having decorations up there..

The boys have their tree in the basement that hold ornaments from my childhood, from the boys school/daycare ornaments, and milestones (first Christmas, first married Christmas, etc.) I love putting up this tree with boys and the memories it triggers.  We have the best time talking about how when they were so little and then I become a little sad at how fast time flies and they say "oh mom"'s a "mommy" tradition.

So there you have it. My Simple Rustic holiday decorations. Hope you enjoyed the tour!


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