Christmas Recap

Merry Christmas to all of you!  I hope your Holidays were blessed with lots of family, friends, and celebration.  I know ours was.  

Our two blessings, joys, gifts, loves...pre Christmas Eve Service at church
Every other year my parents come to our house to watch the Christmas Eve Service at our church.  This was our year and we were so happy to have them here.

We had a Christmas Eve soup supper at my brother and sister in laws and then retreated back to our house to await Santa's arrival. 

After Santa comes I take time to sit in the glow of the tree, watching one of my favorite movies "A Christmas Story"

After we celebrate Christmas at our house, my parents take off, we head into town to the Fireman's grandparents for the afternoon, enjoying some more great food and family.  We then pile into the truck and head to my parent's house for Christmas with my family the next day.

Our niece loves to paint toenails and no one or no toes are off limits.

Grandma alwasy gets them pajamas for Christmas.  How cute are these little people.  
Grandpa and Grandma with the kids.
Great Grandma comes over to eat brunch and watch the presents being open.
Rubix cubes are huge in our schools right now.  I personally have no patience to work on those things but the Fireman and Bubba are always on them...googling, youtubing trying to find solutions.
The Fab 5, or the Original 5.
And lastly, Stink eye sister 1 asked me to attend a workout for her friend who is starting a program in town.  She wanted to try the workouts before the sessions began.  I said sure...put on my new Victoria Secret tights....which I love...and glow in the dark,   I haven't done a cardio session in awhile but felt good going through it.
Now we are back home, trying to put away all the gifts we received.  My mother never disappoints for Christmas with the food, the decorations, the atmosphere...growing up Christmas's were always so special in our house and they continue to be for my children. LOVE YOU MOM!

Well that is a wrap for today...


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