Lots to cover Good vs Bad

The fog is slowly lifting after my grandfather's death and this morning was the first time I felt like blogging again...

The BAD..my Grandpa Merle joined my Grandma Dorothy in heaven on November 4th,  unexpectedly. He was 94 and I thought this man was invincible...he was our biggest supporter in all activities throughout highschool and college and I kid you not, I never saw him without a smile.  He passed away at the farm where he would of wanted, but oh how I wish for one more day....


The Fireman and I got a day out attending the Grapple on the Gridiron even at Kinnick Stadium, They wrestled outside on the football field earlier in the day and then the Hawkeyes played a night game later.   The weather was beautiful and we had a great time with friends.  We tailgate hopped all day and saw a lot of friends!


Both boys  passed their respective swimming pool classes. 

 Wrestling has begun(this is a good for the Fireman, not for basketball loving Mom)

 The cousins came with Grandpa and Grandma when they watched the boys while we were at the Hawkeye festivities.  They built forts, and played outside all day.  So thankful for beautiful weather or Grandma and Grandpa might of gone insane...

I got theses packets at Costco and I love them, you can either pop them in the microwave or use the stovetop.  The rice is delicious and it makes a yummy quick meal if you add some veggies, sauce, etc.  

I received this bar in my +Influenster  box this month and I am hooked.  They come in little squares and you can just pop one or finish the package(which I did).  

Question of the day? 

Are you a wrestling fan or a basketball fan?


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