Under the Lights...

Hello all, coming at ya after a costly trip to Costco.  I feel that I haven't bought groceries in forever and well it caught up with me. I was trying to be creative and use the things we have at home for the last couple of weeks and anything that needed to be bought we headed into town to the grocery store. Do you buy groceries weekly? Bi-Weekly?

We  are at October 7 and I already feel that we have been running around like chickens with our heads cut off...speaking of which, my chickens are on their last life around here..they have been pecking at my decorative pumpkins...and that my friends is the last straw, plus the whole scavenger hunt for eggs thing is getting old...I digress

My husband and I coordinate our schedules through the Cozi app and love it...it is synced to both our phones so we can see what is up with who,where they are at, and where we need to be...The fireman is pretty good about putting his stuff in there...as you can see our October is full with swimming lessons, wrestling practices, and basketball practices and games...oh and I start volleyball league Wednesday night...

 I spent Tuesday morning organizing our lockers in the garage.  I wanted to keep the boys winter gear all out here since we have it heated now. We got these lockers from a school who got new ones and they work fantastic.
 Tuesday night after school we hustled in to watch my nephew in his last home football game...VICTORY...so proud of how hard he worked this year...then we had about 45 minutes to get Bubba some food before his football game "Under the Lights" at the high school football field, so Subway it was...and a picnic in the park to enjoy the beautiful weather..

After the game, came home Bubba had his 3rd dinner of the night I think (growing boys are going to eat me out of house and home) showered up, headed to bed, and zonked out!!

Workouts this week are the same...I am pretty redundant over here...lifting heavy 4x a week, yoga every day, lots of walking, and meditation...

I am thinking about starting a program that mimics mine..would you be interested? 

Have a great day!!!


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