Traveling Funny Farm

This week has been a busy one at work and at home, soI am looking forward to the weekend, even though it will be busy too, but my PARENTS are coming for a visit and I cannot wait to see them...

Since we last chatted, the place where I work teaching fitness classes, had our anniversary party and the theme was "The County Fair" so we dusted off 30Patches, gave him a bath, loaded up my brother in laws goats, and our dog, and brought  our animals to "the fair".

 Patches enjoyed a dip in the pool....

 The Fireman looks pretty hot holding that cute little goat:)

 Needless to say the boys and the animals were all pretty wiped out when we got home.  The boys love coming to work with me and helping out with the events we hold and  I know our residents certainly love talking with the boys.  Win Win!

Last night after football practice for Bubba we ventured out to a local pumpkin farm who was having a "women in business" event.  We brought my nephew and the boys spent their time playing with the baby kittens, watching a live honey demonstration, and just touring around the area.  The rain held off and the weather was nice.  I love hayrack rides.
So now I am off to get ready to pick up Big E from school and get ready for my parents arrival supper.  Have a great weekend all!


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