Labor Day 2015

Labor Day weekend was fantastic.  We had fitness, food, family, friends, fun in the sun...and the boys and I found a new favorite thing to do. 

Saturday morning started off fantastic with a heavy weight lifting session, some sprints on the rower, and some yoga.  Sounds like a lot but the whole session was about 1 hour and 15 minutes.  I lift hard and limit my rest time through the lift workout.  Sprint sessions for me are about 15 minutes max and yoga is somewhere around a half an hour,...whatever trips my trigger that day or I feel I need to work on.   

 We celebrated a friends wedding on Saturday night.

Sunday the boys and I took a bike ride in to town to help out our cousin whose she was engulfed by soot when there was a fire in the storage shed unit.  He had a lot of stuff in and the whole familycame out to help.

Sunday night a few friends came over and we enjoyed some nice adult conversation why the kids played downstairs and outside. It was warm but still comfortable enough to enjoy being outside...I may have brought out the selfie stick  

 Labor Day was another scorcher  and we wanted to cool off so we headed to a local place and decided to spend a couple hours paddleboarding.  We got a four person board so the whole family could take it out together.  What a fantastic time we had.  We cruised out to a small sand area where we swam  for awhile.   We then took it out to the middle and just jumped off and swam around...the boys and us had an absolute blast and next summer this will be a weekly thing we do...great upper body workout too trying to paddle while the Fireman steered
 More selfies with the boys and neice.....

Whew, what a weekend!  Have you ever been paddleboarding...I am hooked!


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