Gosh, I love

Gosh, I love Fridays....

This time of year means High School Football Friday Nights, Saturday morning Flag Football, and cooler temps....maybe.  We are going through quite the warm spell right now and I HATE running the air conditioner.  I would much have a breeze through open windows anyday.  Luckily, there is a cool down in our future so the window will be open  here pretty soon.

Gosh, I love fall, and we had a bout of fall like temperatures a week ago, and I got the itch to put the decorations out..I can't help it, I feel like fall is such a short season and I want it to be longer...so I "falled" the place up and I have my fall candle burning...don't judge me

Gosh, I just love my boys and school is tough y'all...Thank goodness for bubble baths and jet streams to soothe those aching, tired muscles...these guys are always making me smile and I love to hear them talk about their days when they get home from school.

 Gosh, I love a little friendly family competition
 Gosh, I love the combination of vanilla shakeology and Tazo Chai Classic Latte....so good!
 Gosh, I love prepping things for use at a later date..froze some pesto for some kind of dish in the future...
 Gosh, I love redoing furniture...yes it a process but is soothing to my soul and I LOVE seeing my hardwork in the final product (sometimes...I have had my share of duds)

So how sick were you of me saying gosh, I love all the time..I was pretty annoyed with it too, but we are rolling with it for today.  

Enjoy your weekend


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