AMRAP's and Muscelropes

edited: Videos are not working now, I am going to upload them to YouTube....check them out there too~

Just popping in quick to share a few HIIT(High Intensity Interval Training) workouts I have done recently.  I don't do much HIIT anymore due to adrenal fatigue issues. I stick to heavy lifting, walking, yoga these days...but every once in awhile I like to throw in short burst of intense exercise.

First up...a MuscleRopes workout in the driveway.  These ropes get the heartrate up fast, the legs burning, and it is not hard to become totally exhausted in 10 minutes:)

I love using a medicine ball for workouts With simple moves you get a whole body workout and are a sweaty mess by the time is done. (The ball I got on Amazon was pretty inexpensive)  My ball is 14lbs but after a couple of rounds it feels more like 30. 

What is your favorite HIIT workout?


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