Rough Week with a bright spot

Last week was tough. A friend from high school lost her husband in a motorcycle accident and my heart hurts for her and her little boy.  A lady "coasted through a stop sign" and was driving with a suspended's just not fair.

The next day we received word that my Grandpa's(who has passed) brother had passed away. He had been battling cancer for a little while and had stopped chemo treatments.  I knew him a little from family get togethers every once in awhile and am just praying for the family through this difficult time.

                            A side note, a bright spot, if you will in this passing.......
 The family was at his bedside as his time was drawing near. His eyes were closed but he was speaking and he said "popkee" which was the nickname for his father I think.  The family asked him if there were people in the room with him and then he said "Calvin" which was my grandpa's name.  Cue immediate goosebumps and tears...Harlan was being met by his dad, brothers, and  bet more people too...the thought brought so much comfort to me..

After the sad beginning to the week we finished it off pretty nicely with a lot of family time.  After a trip for some farm essentials at Theisen's we took the boys out for Mexican and since we were stuffed to the gills,we decided to go for a walk on the trails at Kent Park.  The weather was beautiful, the Fireman tried to be American Ninja Warrior and failed(and I forgot to start my camera), and the walk was just what we needed.
 I have begun a major renovation on our Master bedroom...stay tuned
 We took a road trip on Sunday for a family reunion..
 I love potlucks, family, conversation, and cute little babies:)
 And I love grandmas...especially this woman.  Her FAITH and love for her family are unwavering, unfailing, and I know that it is a guarantee everyday she is praying for me and my family,. ...

Workouts  continue to consist of heavy lifting, yoga, and lots of walking...I rarely do cardio anymore except for maybe one day of sprints, or HIIT, but max time is about 20 minutes.  

Question of the day? 
Since I am redoing the bedroom I am picking out paint. I love all things grey so I am going to do that but I would like to  know what color you painted your bedroom?


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