A big ole picture recap...

Hello All!

 I am doing a little home makeover in my master bedroom and I am hoping to get a lot done today...maybe...if the weather is really nice I wouldn't count on it..
But I wanted to get some pictures from last week and the weekend in here..

So here we go...
Last week we took our annual trip to The Iowa State Fair...you all know every year we go and Thursday was our day.  The weather was beautiful, the food was delicious, and we were exhausted by the time we got home

As soon as we got home from the fair we headed to Open Houses for the schools.  We started on Monday so Thursday night each boy brought their supplies in and saw their room. 

I have been getting some good heavy lift sessions in and yoga every day...lifting weight, yoga, shakeology, and walking have done so much for me....more to come on that....
 Bedroom makeover in progress....
 First day of school...for Bubba..Big E has to wait till Wednesday...obviously he was not happy!

And lastly,it is football season and so Bubba and the Fireman had their first game on Saturday morning.  The team did great and were having a blast! 

I think it is safe to say that Big E missed his brother....bad..after being with him everyday all summer, we sure missed him.
Big E learned how to ride his bike without training wheels
There you have it, the last few days in a nutshell...if you want to catch things in real time action, follow me on instagram

Have a great day!


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