Life on the mat and on the farm

I have had such a great time with my 21 day fix extreme challenge group.  They all  rocked it and some substantial changes took place not only body wise but mentally.  They refocused on what they were eating and found that nutrition is where it all starts. 

 I am going to be starting a couple more other groups:

Adrenal Fatigue
Clean Eating
Body Beast

So stay tuned...

Life around here has been pretty busy with the county fair and family in general.  Just when I thought July was going to be a slower month it totally turned...but that is okay, we are soaking up every minute together and having a blast.  
 Impromptu family 5k
 Fireman's Street Dance and we go to lead the Poker Run motorcycles back in to town
 Grilled Sweet Corn............
 People...let me be straight here, I LOATHE the dentist...just ask my husband and he will tell you...but my husband had to go out of town for business and he didn't want to waste his appointment time so I took it( being brave for the kids) Bryson also had an appointment so I couldn't wimp out....the dentist is a good friend of ours and her staff know that I am a flight risk, but I am happy to report  I made it...and the hygienist made it,..and Bryson has to have another tooth pulled....lovely
Life on the mat has been great, I have been loving my sequences that I put together and am thinking about doing a periscope type thing for my practice.   Has anyone used it?   

What do you know about the Periscope App? How long can you video? Does it save for later?


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