"Taking it outdoors" WOD and a Sarcopenia chat..

The weather here in Iowa is sure playing with my emotions.  I prepare for fall and then today mother nature springs 75 degree weather on us and I am enjoying workouts outside again..(my workout partner was the cutest:)
Other workouts from the weekend were great too! My pullups are getting there..

I love mixing cardiovascular and strength training in my workouts and I find Crossfit the perfect match for me, which will bode well for me in the future...to combat Sarcopenia...stay with me...so, as you know, I recently switched jobs at the Retirement facility I work at and now I solely teach fitness classes to our residents.  As I was reading my Fitness Journal magazine awhile back, I came across an article discussing Sarcopenia and the factors that weaken muscle recovery cells in the elderly and it prompted me to evaluate the classes I teach. 

Just a few facts: Sarcopenia is the age-related loss of muscle mass, strength, power and function. There was a study done in 2002 from the United Nations Second World Assembly and it predicted that the world's over 60 population would more than triple from 2000-2050, with the over-80 population increasing fivefold. 

So...how do we provide older people with the preventive support they need.

Well as the article put it, "we need to use it or lose it" because the main cause of Sarcopenia is inactivity.  We need to get them Senior Citizens out of their rooms, off their couches, and in the "gym". Elderly exercise programs or activity should consist of both cardiovascular and resistance training programs.

The article included this sidebar as a bit of a guideline.  I took a look at our fitness programs we hold at our facility and find that we meet and surpass these guidelines and that I am excited that we are doing our part to keep our residents active and fight the Sarcopenia battle(we offer water aerobics, fitness, yoga, pilates, stretch, walking, land aerobics, and more..)

The toughest battle I face as the Fitness Coordinator is getting the people to participate.  You have those that are a consistent face at classes and then there are those that just want to be in their rooms and not participate.  That will forever be the challenge, but I love a challenge!

Question of the day?

Do you train senior citizens at your gyms?   What are your biggest challenges you face?


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