Coffee Talk

Morning everyone! I have my coffee in hand, one kid off to school, the other dressed and ready for school, laundry let's chat...

It is a dreary start to the day here with some rain, which puts a bit of a halt on harvest, but it will be nice to settle the dust a bit since it has been pretty dry. 

What a great couple of days we have had around here...
Bubba played "Under the Lights" the other night for his last flag football game. It is going to be exciting watching Bubba's class grow up and play together.  
 Of course Big E had to get in on the action...from the sidelines...
Scoring a TOUCHDOWN! 
I am so very proud of how hard he played all season...and how well their team did together. Every game was fun to watch!

Pre- football game we spent the early morning, 6:30am, at the Orthodontic offices to see what our plan of action was for Bubba's tooth that grew in after he had his extra tooth taken out...luckily, the doc said to just wait about 6 months to get some more baby teeth out of there and then we will reevaluate.  Some sort of dental procedure is in our future, thankfully, not yet:)

We finally had out first night of volleyball last night and it was would of thought I was playing for the other team as many as I hit in the net or hit was ridiculous....but I am hoping we got the cobwebs out...right team?

It is no secret that I am not good at pullups and when they are in a workout, I cringe.  Well today they were up there and I sucked it up and did them..but I use an assist band for the strict pullups. I can get a string of 2 or 3 with kipping, but strict, I struggle. 

So now that I have talked your ear off, tell me what you have been up to?


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