Randomness and new equipment

IT's HUMP DAAAAY...I love that camel commercial...I smile everytime I watch it...

I am a halfway through my last week of being a full time employee, technically I have one day left because I am on vacation on Friday....(stink eye sister #2 is so going to punch me for saying that...because while she is happy for me and this opportunity, she is not happy that she has not won the lottery yet so she can work part time too)

I have gotten some great workouts in this week...some I have put together on my own, and some I get from my favorite crossfit app #wodboxapp.  Man, I love lifting heavy...and I love cardio...so I feel Crossfit is the best workout for me...it combines both...I would love to compete in a competition, and I might be setting my sights on one....oh lord, I would definitely have to work on my pullups...

 Our library had a family night and the Bubba, Big E, and their friend Pierce all ventured up to the library....where we wiggled and jiggled....

Finally, I am super stoked to be heading up to my parent's this weekend...
a. I am just so excited to see them and be "home"
2. We are having a garage sale and my basement is a disaster in preparation...and me being the OCD personality I am NEED IT OUT OF MY BASEMENT
d. Dad, Big E, and I are roadtripping on Saturday to Jesup Gym to get a squat rack/pull up system for the basement gym. http://www.jesupgym.com/repository/%5Bproduct-742%5Dgpr378_main.jpg
 To say I am excited is an understatement.   Our current pullup bar is being pulled out of the wall and this set up we are getting is going to work awesome, so I can really work on my pullups,muscle ups, and such...(I have a few more things on my list to check out...Kettlebells, Bumper Plates...)

I am hoping to hold group training at our house, or personal training sessions so I want to be prepared:)

Question of the Day?
Do you still consider your parents house "home"?


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