Practice.. practice.. practice

In my workouts each morning I have been really focusing on form, and have focused in particular on kipping handstand pushups since handstand pushups are in a lot of the workouts I do.  I love posting to instagram because people can give you pointers on what you can improve on.  These are two videos that I took in the last week of my kipping handstand push up.  Notice the knees are tucked much farther in to my chest on the second video(thanks MolonLabeCrossfit)

**In the videos I am using 2 10lb weider plates and a yoga mat to lower head onto. 

Speaking of workouts...there have been some great ones this week. 
 FYI, those double unders get me good...I still have a jumprope impression on my stomach from where it got me...don't ask me how I managed to whip myself in the stomach but I did it...
 I did the front squats with the prescribed #95 pounds and it was challenging for me.  I took my time, focusing on form, and had to do 5 at a time, but I did every single one at 95.  Did I have a record time, no, but I did have a Woohoo moment pushing myself to complete the front squats!

I am still working on video for my one workout...I can't figure out how to get my canon to get me in the whole shot of the video...Do I have to have the camera clear back at the edge of the room? That really defeats the purpose of me showing the movements.  I can't rely on the Fireman to always film me(he would just love that)...can anyone help me out with a lens that would work better.

What is one exercise you would like to get better on?


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