Eric Church, Fishing, and Bench work

I've got a lot to cover and not a lot of time to do it in so grab your cowboy hats and hold on tight.
Saturday mornings workout was a sweatfest.  Completed my Crossfit WOD and then threw in a quick 20 minute cardio tabata. 
After my workout I got showered up and ready to go watch Bubba play some flag football.  The team did fantastic.  The coaches (the Fireman and Brad) have these kids so well coached and you can tell, the know their spots, they know the routes.  Bubba did have two interceptions and one was returned for a touchdown.  WAY TO GO BUDDY!
 After the game, the boys went home with the grandparents, and we headed out for our weekend in St. Louis with Eric Church.
 We arrived in St. Louis in plenty of time to see our Hawkeyes lose to in state rival Iowa State....we were able to watch it in a bar down the road from our hotel(no pictures, sorry) and grab some dinner. 
 Aren't those two so pretty!! The Fireman and I are so lucky to have such great friends.  Waiting to get in to the concert......
 Pre concert drinks while waiting in I did not drink that whole thing, too froofroo fruity for me...I am a Moscow Mule or Bud Select 55 girl. 
 Concert Time!!!  Eric Church was phenomenal and we had a blast...there were two opening acts and Dwight Yoakum was one of them.  I remember him from when I was a kid and believe it or not he still wore the same tight pants, boots, and had the same leg movements as he did back then.  He sang for a good hour which got really long and it was hard to understand what he was saying because his band was sooo loud.....
 Finally ERIC!!!

 If you listen closely in this video, you will hear a girl screaming in "fear" of the skull...her and her friend sat behind us and were blitzed off their asses...and annoying, and dumb, and I wanted to punch them in their faces.....but I refrained...

The concert went pretty late so we grabbed some pizza and called it a night after hanging out in the hotel room for a bit.  Sunday morning bright and early we were back on the road since the Fireman had to coach another football team on Sunday afternoon.

After the football game we managed to squeeze in some fishing with the boys.  Big E was the pro fisherman as he caught 3 fish...Bubba rounded it out with 2, the Fireman with 1 and me with 1.

A bit of a whirlwind weekend but a AWESOME one...

Have you heard of Dwight Yoakum?


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