Coffee Talk

Boy do I have a lot to discuss today, so grab a coffee, pull up a chair and let's chat...

First, I bet you wish you were a co-worker of mine because they were treated to a little Starbucks pick me up to start their Friday.  HAPPY FRIDAY!!!
 And of course I had to get myself a spinach feta egg white wrap...they are soooo good.  I always get the Cinnamon Dolce Latte with soymilk since they don't yet have almond milk, but I haven 't asked in awhile..maybe they do now??
I would also tell you that the Fireman and I are getting away for a quick couple's weekend trip, and we are pumped. Grandparents have offered to watch the kids while we head to St. Louis to see Eric Church in concert with some friends.  We are leaving tomorrow morning after Bubba plays football and coming back Sunday early so the Fireman can get back and coach his football team.  Our trips revolve around football and sports...and it is only beginning....

I would tell you that I can't believe it has been 13 years since 9/11. I can remember exactly where I was and what I was doing when I heard the horrific news and my heart aches for those who lost loved ones.

And pry the BIGGEST NEWS!!! 
I am reducing my hours at work and going part time so I can be home with my boys and work on building my fitness brand.  Currently my title is Wellness Coordinator,  we also have a Fitness Coordinator in our facility and she and I are basically swapping jobs.  I am so excited, and grateful to a corporation, that I get to stay here because I love the people I work with and for.  

And now I must end our coffee session with a picture of these two wild and crazy guys, digging a hole in the dirt, filling it with water for a pond, and playing in said pond for roughly 2 hours...bulldozing, scooping, etc...(fyi: I do feed my child...his ribs are sticking out because he is sucking his belly in:)


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