Fun Facts Friday or Random Things Friday

Last week at this time we were heading to Kansas City for our family vacation...oh, how fast that went and how I wish we were doing it again but we can't.....and that is how I will start off Fun Facts Friday...

1. We are celebrating a wedding(actually two) this weekend. Big E and are heading home to my cousin's wedding while the Fireman and Bubba are heading to his cousins wedding. Hate to have to split up but that is what we have to do I guess. 

2. I love the Internet "t.v. show" Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee  It is hilarious! The Sarah Jessica Parker episode has been my favorite. 

3. We went school shopping last night....wanted to cry after realizing "my first baby" is going to be a 2nd Grader, and my "last baby" is going to be in preschool.  Where is that damn pause button so I can just "hug them and squeeze them and call them George" (random Bugs Bunny Saturday morning cartoon quote!)
 4. This isn't a fact but rather a random occurrence. For the last two days this Cardinal has been repeatedly flying into our window.  It chirps all the time, gets pissed, raises its feathers on top of his head and then dive bombs the window.  I am thinking it sees its reflection and wants to fight it....who knows...he has never once knocked himself out and he hits the window hard....I think he is giving me the stink eye in the picture

4.  I am loving these things right now....

And that my friends is your Fun Facts Friday.  I am really hoping this afternoon goes fast because I am ready for some family time!!


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