Weekend Shenanigans

So, that weekend went super fast...gosh, I feel like I was just leaving work Friday afternoon anticipating a awesome weekend.
Well, the weekend is done, and it was a lot of fun with family and friends..so let's get down to the recap...

We spent Friday night at the ball fields cheering on our high school baseball team...unfortunately their season ended far to soon.  The boys cheered them on and we are all very proud of Raider baseball team!

 Saturday morning workout, featured PiYo Hardcore on the Floor and a tabata mix I put together to finish.  I am going to be starting a PiYo(pilates and yoga fused workout) challenge group pretty soon.  If you are interested let me know! Want to get your hands on this workout..click here
Saturday morning we headed to our local county fair.  We checked out the livestock, watched some shows, ate some sweet corn, and then headed up to Iowa City to get Bubba a new bike and Theisens for some farm essentials(#farmlife).  His legs are growing so fast and the bikes just weren't keeping up!


 Saturday night was movie night, featuring Despicable Me 2, on the screen porch...the weather has just been amazingly comfortable this last week so we took advantage of it. 
Sunday was spent with family and friends at a baby shower for my cousin and his girlfriend.  I got a lot of QT time with the cousins, sister, and aunts, and kids! Always miss them so much when we have to separate and go our different ways. We group text constantly and last nights conversation was how we could make it work to all locate to the same area so we could form our own "housewives" group.  Considering most of our husbands are farmers, we are dreaming...I guess we are just going to have to schedule "cousin vacations"....already in the works
My beautiful mom!
 And after arriving home to my boys, we started canning some pickles.  My house smelled like dill for the longest time. I may have even caught a waft of it this morning too...but all worth it for those yummy pickles!

Do you can veggies, pickles, anything?


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