Waterlogged, Part 1....

Before I get to our "waterlogging" adventures of yesterday, I will recap the weekend...
which included...oh wait for it....you guessed it rain, rain, and more rain

We always head back to my hometown for the Butler County Fair Days, which includes, rides, games, scrambles, and the Chuckwagon Races...thankfully the rain held out so we were able to watch them..
                                                      The cousin "littles"

 I love this man, he turned 93 this past year and I am so grateful to be able to continue to make memories with him, and I am not happy his Chuckwagon team, the Black D, took the Championship over my Camo team. 

We were disappointed that it rained so much that we weren't able to catch a rabbit or a chicken but we had fun playing at Grandpa and Grandma's house with the cousins.
Sunday, since everyone was home we got to celebrate my beautiful nieces birthday! It was filled with Lego sets, barbie movies, and cute clothes...and let's not forget birthday cake
...Bubba is such a great big brother...always teaching Big E and reading to him...when he is not tackling him, or sitting on him
Monday I took the day off of work to get Bubba's "extra tooth" taken out...if you follow me on instagram you could see that he was a champ and said it didn't hurt him at all!  He also said that the tooth fairy will have to bring him lots of money for the size of this tooth.....stupid tooth fairy forgot...I guess she was just a bit distracted by the no electricity and flooding that was going on...

It was a good day to do this, since it started to rain right after we were done and we had some pretty severe weather move in so we could just relax and chill in the basement watching movies and avoiding high winds...

Well that was a whole lot of fun coming at ya wasn't it.  I will conclude with Part 2 tomorrow. 

Have you had any teeth pulled?  They numb you before the Novocaine...so you can't feel the shot...genius?
I hate the dentist so my visits are what you would call...infrequent. 
I know I know, don't judge...my husband is on my case about it all the time too...(it stems from years of childhood dentist that was so so mean)


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