Racing with currexSole

I've gotten a couple races under my belt this year and my shoe of choice this year has been the +ASICS Gel and I have enjoyed them immensely. I think they give great support for my high arches...or at least I thought I did until I was given the opportunity to try out the CurrexSole inserts. 

First off, their website is very user friendly and directs you through some questions to see what kind of insert fits your needs (running, skiing, hiking, training, etc..) It was so easy to find the right kind of insert that would fit my needs. 

I put them through two 5k's, a half marathon, and a Tough Mudder(rough terrain, water, climbing,obstacles).  FYI...I handwashed them off after the Mudder and they were ready to go for the next races.

 Some Mudder action and a wipeout for your viewing pleasure.

I have always been apprehensive to try inserts in my shoes because of my high arches, but I am so glad I was given the opportunity to try these.

My thoughts: 

  • Shock absorber.....I felt that they really reduced the impact put on my knees while running and didn't feel that usual twinge in my knee about 6 miles in...

  • They were very comfortable...some inserts can be really "cardboardy" for lack of a better word, which could be attributed to, per their website, "the foot being supported by a total of three layers. Less sweat and odor, improved air circulation – and no chance of blister formation! The top layer is made from supportive microfiber. The mid-layer is Freeflex Memory Foam, which adjusts pleasantly to the foot and is impregnated with high-quality bamboo charcoal"

I think these inserts are fabulous and will be checking out a pair for my "gym" shoes.

I was given a pair of currexSole inserts through Smack Media.  All opinions here are all my own.


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