Hot up in here

Hot in...
So hot in here....singing yet??? But seriously the temps skyrocketed this week.  Thankfully I have a job where I am in the air conditioning all day but my brother in laws are not so fortunate and I worry about them every time it gets really hot, or really cold in the winter...

I am not a fan of just sitting in the air conditioning, I need fresh air,even if it is 95 with insane humidity, after being inside all day so we headed to the pool to cool off and I am pretty sure we will be heading in there tonight too...

Cat cookies from Trader Joes( I went there for the first time last weekend, didn't get anything but these cat cookies for the kiddos since we were strapped for time, but I liked it)

 We came home, showered up, had some supper...pretty easy last night and they boys gobbled it up. 


Steamed Broccoli ( I get the Organic Individual packets from Costco, they work perfect for throwing in the pampered chef steamer)
Sauteed Onions
Ground Beef (spiced up with whatever you want)
Marinara Sauce or Spaghetti Sauce
*Add onions to meat

On plate
Place broccoli on plate
Layer meat on top
Top with sauce


This workout was a great one this morning, I think Kyle's words were "do you enjoy torturing yourself" 

I started with a Strength Skill of OHS(overhead squats) to warm up 5x2 then went straight to the WOD of the day. Start with 1 wall ball and 15 burpees, next round is 2 wall balls 14 burpees...continue on until you get to 15 wall balls and 1 burpee.  I ended the workout with some #piyo beast abs. I cannot wait for this challenge to start.  I will have all the information tomorrow! 

Have a great day!  Stay cool!


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