Fun Facts Friday

Ah, the are finally upon us and we are looking forward to each and every minute, but first some 

Fact #1
Crossfit Games started this week and will continue into the weekend. I have been listening and watching on ESPN3 like a mad woman.  I love my at home +CrossFit®  workouts and get superpsyched every year when these are on!

Fact #2
I am LOVING LOVING LOVING my crossfit/PIYO workouts. I post them everyday of Instagram so follow me for the fun!

Fun Facts #4
I love to bow hunt/ attend bow shoots. I don't get out much since prime shooting time is really early in the morning and one of us has to stay with the boys, so Kyle usually wins out to go hunt... but I am hoping to get out more this year by myself..............we have been practicing and to say I am a spot on rusty is an understatement..but practice makes perfect right!
We have a couple things going on this weekend involving the fire department street dance and parade driving, so stay tuned for that!  

Have a great weekend everyone!


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