Daily "Do's" List

We spent last night cleaning the boys rooms.  They had been put on the backburner over and over and through the vacation with visitors and lots of kids playing, they just were not  a priority. ...

and it was driving me bonkers!!!

So last night we tackled the rooms and made a list of daily tasks so that their rooms would continue to stay neat and tidy..the boys helped put the list together of things they thought were important. 

I had previously painted the wall in between their rooms with chalkboard paint so that part was done. 

Mornings are easy around our house but we still wanted to make sure everyone woke up with a happy face for Rule #1 in the morning.

FYI, I didn't update my picture after I changed the Nightime schedule.  Rule #1 should be to help clear the table after supper.  
The boys love the list they put together and so do I .  I think it will help them keep their rooms a bit more tidy if we have a reminder...because we get pretty busy and tend to space things off:)

What's your favorite organization/daily "do" project?


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