Catch up

I am single parenting it this week while the Fireman is at a Conference so my time at the computer is very limited, which is okay, I am enjoying hanging out with the boys, so here is a brief recap of Friday-Tuesday!

Saturday started off with a HERO WOD and it was a sweaty one.  I followed it up with some PIYO core to make it a great way to start my day!

 A neighboring town was having their parade and our family volunteered to drive the town firetruck.  We invited a couple friends along to help throw out the candy and we had a blast.  I especially enjoyed the "air horn"...

 After lunch with some friends the Fireman and Bubba went to set up for the Fireman's Street Dance that night.  Big E and I came up later to listen to the music and have some supper. 
 Bubs enjoyed helping dad with the fryer duties!
 Sunday the family loaded our bikes and headed into town to help stain Fireman's grandma's deck.  It was a whole family affair so it didn't take long for it to get done!  Many hands make light work...or something like that
We spent the majority of the afternoon there and then biked our way home....and
 Made these babies.  Paleo crust, grilled pizza.  We made the crust, grilled it for a bit, then piled on the toppings and then grilled it some more..ooooh, it was so good!
 Mondays workout...yep, still hate pullups but I am getting better
 Our zucchini got away from us...they are great though for making zucchini bread  zucchini noodles, and for some yummy casseroles..
Tuesdays Workout involved more crossfit and PIYO...instead of tire flips I used my boxing bag but I will be getting a tire to the house ASAP....
And that my friends is where I leave you...nights have been spent catching grasshoppers, jumping on the trampoline, and playing in the dirt.  The weather has been fantastic and we have been soaking up every last bit of the sunshine!

If you follow my instagram you know I am running a PIYO challenge group starting in a week.  If you are interested check it out! 

Halfway through the week! Anything exciting happening this weekend for you?


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