4th of July recap

Sooo... I am a little late with the recap but after a 4 day weekend spent with family and friends, it takes a bit to get back in the groove of things. 

Stink eye sister Rachael was in town to watch the boys, for a couple of days(no daycare), while I went to work...(you can imagine how hard it was focusing on work while she is at home having fun with kids

I took an extra day off so I could hang with her for the day...I love having her here...and I miss her and the kids terribly when she leaves....when the kids went to sleep or weren't awake yet, we would just hang out on the porch sipping our wine, drinking our coffee,talking...talking...talking....(I am so thankful I have stink eye sister Nicole in town with me)
 The boys and I hanging out on the porch
Rachael left about 3 pm on Thursday and my parents arrived about 6pm. They came down to spend the 4th of July with the boys at our celebration in town.  There were inflatable rides, face painting, a parade, and of course fireworks. 
 Bubba got to be part of the Magician Show.   I am hoping you can see the video.  I think he was a little nervous when he thought the metal rods were really going to puncture him.


Tractor Pull Time

In between the parade and fireworks we have friends over to eat supper, hang out, and let the kids play.  We then head to a place near our home and watch the fireworks and light sparklers.  The hubby is on the Fire Department and Fireworks Committee so leaves early to go get everything ready.  The boys were so proud that there dad was shooting off the fireworks(which were awesome) GREAT JOB WFD FIREWORKS CREW!
 The rain held off till Saturday and boy did it pour again.  Bubba went to a friends house and the hubby needed oil for the cars so we took off to Iowa City with Big E for a "shopping" day.   Big E is such a crack up, posing with Herky.  These Herky's are all around Iowa City and it is our goal to take a picture with each one of them. 
Sunday afternoon brought a reunion/potluck for Kyle's mom's side of the family and later that night Kyle's uncle and his family were back from California for the 4th of July weekend so we all got to hang out with them Sunday night at my mother in laws house. 
The California Wetjen's

I hated that the weekend just flew by so fast but lots of memories were made!

A couple times throughout the weekend I just paused and took it all in.....

I watched my parents with the kids...

I savored the moment as I was holding Big E during the fireworks when he nestled up in my arms and said he loved me

I watched the kids play with the sparklers

and I thought, this is what life is all about folks, these are the memories we create and love, and I was overcome with such a feeling of blessedness and grateful to have such great friends and family....

Hope your 4th was as fantastic as ours was!

What is was your favorite thing to do on the 4th?


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