Fun Facts Friday

1. It has been a rainy stormy week around here and the weather is finally supposed to dry up so the boys and I are looking forward to a weekend of some serious pool time and we are going to try and catch a high school baseball game too!  

2. Sisters and I finished the first half(ALPHA) of our T25 challenge today. We take measurements on Saturday and then kick off BETA on Monday. I am looking forward to the new workouts and to see any measurement results. 
 3.  I love love love small towns...on Wednesday night we headed to the car show that had on the square and even though we were sweating like pigs(yes I know pigs don't sweat) we had a great time looking around at all the cars.

4. I am currently on the hunt for a patio set for our screened in porch.  I want to be able to go out there and sit and relax.  We have a table and chairs right now but I want comfy cozy seating. Our friends have this great set up on theirs and I WANT IT in my now...(something to the effect of this picture on Pinterest is what I am going for,click on the picture for more details)
Screened in porch. Like the idea of curtains
Been a crazy week here at work, so I am looking forward to the weekend!
Do you have any exciting plans.

Whatever you do, have a great one!


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