Dad Jackpot!

Wow, I hardly took any pictures from this past weekend.  We were so busy working outside: gardening, stairs for our back deck, landscaping, playing, and so on.  

I did manage to take a picture of Ky's new smoker.  We bought it a couple weeks ago and finally got it out to use and smoked some pork ribs from +Costco and he didn't even get a chance to eat them right away since he was golfing for Father's Day with his dad and didn't get home till later that night.  
 For Father's Day I did make some pancakes for the boys.  The recipe came from Juli (of PaleOMG) and George's (Civilized Caveman) new cookbook, The Paleo Kitchen... 

these were fluffy, light, and totally delicious.  I feel like I have tried every paleo pancake recipe on the internet and have had lukewarm feelings toward them...but this recipe is it..let's have a moment please....
 And of course, because it was Father's Day, I can't go without recognizing some amazing dad's in my life.  My dad, who let this little tomboy come to flag football practices with him, help work on the cars, and taught me to work hard!  With three girls in the household this guy had has work cut out for him! Love you Dad!

Then there is Kyle, the father of my kids.   This guy is their superhero, the Farmer extraordinaire, and might hunter and I love that they want to be just like him.  He is setting a great example for them each and everyday on how to be a great dad, husband, and friend. 


Have a great Monday everyone!  


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