A run recap..our DAM to DAM half marathon

The hubby and I ran a half marathon on Saturday...I am referring to it as a run, another Saturday long run, because my body was certainly not in the "racing" mood...and neither was his....

Let's replay the day

Early morning wake up call at 4 a.m. to get on the shuttle bus at 5 a.m.  Thankful for relatives who live in Des Moines and are gracious to not only take us to the bus drop off, but watch our two boys while we raced.
 We had extra time to kill before the race so we took a walk to the dam to loosen the legs
 Getting ready to take off...
 This race always has such a great turnout, there were over 9000 participants
 DONE!!! Both the hubby, myself, and my cousin who ran it with us agreed that the race was really hard on our bodies and by mile 8 our legs were saying "hell no we won't go"...but we made it, and we completed it and my caption on Instagram said that this was our "retirement" from half marathon racing...I am just going to focus on +CrossFit® and obstacle races...I think know I have gone through my half marathon phase...
Cousin Katie and post run refreshment
Yeah, so in this picture, I am not showered...we took off after the race to get home so the hubby could help on the farm but we stopped at Bass Pro Shops to get some fishing gear and have lunch...which was delicious. I started out with the Bison Burger which I loved but Kyle's turkey avocado BLT was awesome so he kindly switched. 
 Later that night I enjoyed a Moscow Mule (Ginger Beer, Vodka, Lime Juice)

 Boy was that drink needed..the body was sore that night but not too bad the next day...my quads were a little tender(I am sure there is probably a reason why my quads hurt, and that my running technique sucks, which I am already aware of) I should look it up on google...but I assume it is because I had to work so hard to complete those last 5 miles...HA!

So there it is, our race recap for the DAM to DAM 2014.  Farewell DAM to DAM I have enjoyed our time together these past years...so sorry to bid you goodbye but it is what I must do..so until next year...wait..no I am not doing it again...really, I am not...stop.....crap...


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