Prep week...Tough Mudder

Boy, let me tell you this wind and rain is wreaking havoc on our "play toys"...
Brand new basketball hoop put up last weekend, tilted.....luckily it is just the dirt that was pushed back so we just have to refill the dirt and realign...

Soccer is on the schedule tonight, and I am thinking with the wind and rain, we are not going to be having a soccer game, but who knows, in Iowa it can be rainy and windy in the am and sunny and beautiful in the P.M. Iowa weather is so temperamental!

I recently cut 5 inches off my hair, and now suddenly I have the urge to cut I am going in tonight for another cut...I know...who am I...for those of you who know me my hair was my life line...and I am not being dramatic here...the mere thought of cutting it gave me nightmares...then one needed a change...and here we go.  Hair grows back long as I can put it in a ponytail I am good....

Can you believe I just wrote a paragraph on cutting my hair..pathetic

So anywhoo, big week this week...prepping for the +Tough Mudder  in Kansas this excited to spend some time with friends tackling some obstacles...see last years recap here..last year I was the only "wife" who participated and this year, all of the wives are!! We are going to have quite the big group.  Follow me on instagram for all the pictures, and fun!

Would love some good vibes for decent weather on Saturday and safe travels! Thanks!


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