Hi, remember me

Hey there, remember me, I used to blog here quite frequently and then fell off the face of the earth...yep...well I am back.  I got into a bit of a rut with blogging and needed to pause, but then remembered that I love being able to "scrapbook" our lives through this little blog here and I want to share more workouts and video workouts and yoga(which I am really shifting MY focus more towards and reconnecting myself with it) with you all. I will keep this brief and just share some pictures with you of life as it has been going....

Gardening time, we got some rows planted right before the tornadic weather dumped a ton of rain and wind on us..
 The boys found the costume tub.....at least I know I am always protected by my Superhero's!
 Oh to listen to this conversation....and why wasn't I invited to snuggle:)
 More soccer for Bubba
 Love visits from Aunt Debbie....

 Farm Life
 A very windy bike ride into town...

 My niece who just loves the chickens...
 New header...I am training more and more clients and wanted to make it an official business like so here we go....pretty plain and simple but it works...

Contact me with any questions you might have about my services! 

Be ready for a quick workout coming at you tomorrow!!!


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