Hi, I'm here.  I am working on a website redo, dealing with the loss of my husbands aunt, dealing with the rapid decline of my husbands grandparent, two birthday parties, more personal training clients(which I am so thankful for) and just being a mom and life on the blog is non-existent at this point.  When I have a free moment I don't feel like sitting down and typing, and I am sorry, but that is the life and hey, I don't get paid the big bucks to it is not high on my priority list.:)  

We have had our ups and downs this week and weekend with the loss of Kyle's aunt.  She battled cancer and at last her pain is no longer and she has her angel wings.  We did visit her  in the hospital over the weekend and were able to say goodbye one last time.  We will miss you Aunt "bluevan" LouAnn...

Twins, Big E has to do everything his brother does
 Sunday had to work and we went to the play "What I Love, Loss, and Wore" chronicled the life and thoughts of women.  It was hilarious because every line that was said, I had said at some point in my life:)  
"I have nothing to wear" while staring at a closet full of clothes can be heard multiple times a week
 We celebrated Bubba's 7th birthday!!! I always try to do something in their rooms to surprise them when they wake up.  He was impressed that I hung all that and didn't wake him up...the boy sleeps like a rock so I knew I was golden
 His birthday turned into a snow/ice day, which meant no work for mom and no school for the boys and a dress up Sabel day, which she is obviously thrilled about

 Oh and let's not forget the costume party

 We have had so much snow but not a lot of chances to play in it since it has been so cold.  The last couple of days the temps have been mild so they boys have been sledding, building snowmen, digging tunnels outside until dark/supper time. 
 They long for summer too....swinging on the swingset in the winter doesn't have quite the same effect as swinging in the summer

Workouts have been great this week...running, circuit training, running with circuit training.  I love combining both and I am also loving my new +ASICS gel shoes...I literally feel like I am running on air cushions...

I am playing in a 6-on-6 basketball tournament Saturday morning.  As I said before this could get interesting. I haven't played 6 on 6 since 6th grade...


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